New Webinar! How Can You Grow Your Own Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?

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  • Published on June 5, 2017
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Norris Krueger

Entrepreneurial Learning: Senior Subject Matter Expert at OECD / EU New course on growing ecosystems!

Hi, everyone! People keep asking me about what THEY can do to help their own entrepreneurial ecosystem to grow. Usually hard to give a very short answer. But everyone wants to do better.. Why not help them? DO YOU WANT IN?

Since I can't seem to find a magic pill and solve everyone's ecosystem problems & questions... and if I'm spending so much time giving longer answers 1 on 1...

Then why not a mini-course? Join me at a bargain? (need 20-30 asap) Read on!

So it's MVP time for Norris to launch an online course on...

"How Can I Help Grow My Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?"

Each lesson will have: (1) An overview, often an interview with one or more great experts, (2) a collaborative deep dive and (3) supported by links and resources and... (4)HOMEWORK! Emphasis on the positive and the actionable... for all of us. Did I mention... Homework? :)

Your input on the MVP is critical, though, I need YOU!

Very shortly, I am going to test drive an initial MVP online offering:

      * Video (with Q&A)

      * Overview of what the full course will offer (and get your feedback)

      * Sample "lesson" - e.g., how to find the right people? Where are the hidden resources? etc. 

Market price for such an MVP averages $99 for 60-90 minutes.   Intrigued yet?

Paypal is simplest - to sign up, just send to my email address                      (

For that, you get:

Lesson #1 MVP

AND a discount on the full course...

AND for the first 30, I will throw in 1 hour consulting! (well below my standard rate)

AND I promise guest stars - LIKE YOU - who are geniuses on specific aspects! -- See the list below!)    


           1-hour video MVP +

           1 hour entrep consulting +

           Discount on full course =

                                      all for $99

          Ecosystem Course Topics (proposed)

Each topic will include an overview followed by a collaborative deep dive and supported by links and resources and... HOMEWORK! Emphasis on the positive and the actionable... for all of us.

Still assessing whether to go for synchronous, how to schedule it, whether to use video or go audio for those with lower bandwidth, and (of course) pricing. If you respond to this, you WILL be getting a deal :)

Of the following:, which ones do you like? What would you add? Change?

[proposed teaser 1] How YOU can be your ecosystem's Liaison-Animateur!

[proposed teaser 2] Why Culture is the Key: How do you understand it, assess it, change it

1.    The Basics - the Feld model, other things we do know! (and my own biases...) Myths & Misconceptions! Overview/preview of what's to come! Intro to the 'lingo' and the Celebrate-Educate-Initiate model

2.    You Win With People (a/k/a "Soylent Green"): The "4 C's" model of figuring out who are the right people to engage in growing your ecosystem. (The Bob Sutton Rule?) Or, for you Jim Collins fans, how do we get the wrong people off the bus?

3.    Go-To Allies: Who are consistently the right people on the bus? 1 Million Cups, Startup Weekend, Startup Grind, EO and more.

4.    Role of the Entrep Education Ecosystem in all this! (Part 1, multiple conversations ahead) Why understanding, growing & assessing the entrepreneurial mindset broadly across the community is so important! Conversations with Andy Penaluna, Martin Lackeus, Nigel Adams & the OECD.

4/5.    The Financing Ecosystem: What's the financing 'food chain'? How do we assess access to capital?

5.    Google Mapping: How you really get started to change/grow your community --

a.    Resource Mapping - the best practices and what we usually (always?) do instead

b.   Listening Sessions - how do we really hear what entrepreneurs & innovators want?

6.    What can we learn from SourceLink? Riding the Resource Rail, etc. [conversation with founder Maria Meyers!]

7.    Alignment Model - how to get the right people into the right chairs? Moving from "wannabe" and core competence to distinctive competencies.

8.    Students/Kids ARE Our Secret Weapon - maybe THE linchpin for growing your culture and ecosystem?

9.    Why Bottom Up Anyway? (Or "why the Triple Helix needs to go away?")

10. Startup Communities: Deep Dive into Brad Feld's Book, etc.

11. Online Communities (planning conversation with Savannah Peterson)

12. What does the research REALLY say? Academic vs. practitioner Who are thethought leaders to follow?

13. Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship? How Do We Build as an Integral Part of the Ecosystem?

14. Speaking of experts... what can we learn from the Center for Rural Entrepreneurship? Vast array of free tools and case studies. [likely will be multiple segments]

15. Live coverage from Kauffman's July 2017 Entrepreneurial Summit.

16. What can we learn from the Kauffman Foundation? [conversation with Arnobio Mobelix, research guru at Kauffman, special focus on metrics]

17. Metrics - you get what you measure? Building on the previous conversation, we look at the state of the art on metrics and why bottom-up matters. Interviews/conversations with:

a.    the Harvard Cluster Project,

b.   Yas Motoyama, studies how to measure connectivity (& ex-Kauffman)

c.    Compass/Startup Genome (killer metrics) and

d.   Brazil's Daniel Cukier [has model similar to Compass; Daniel might sing for us!]

18. Other Models: FIRE, BOUNCE, even...  Build YOUR OWN model! [we'll work on this across the modules]

                            interspersed with case studies/interviews such as:

19. Kiruna: Spaceport Sweden (making a town of 15,000 rock...even above the Arctic Circle)

20. Croatia: Views from an early-stage ecosystem

21. Kansas City (of course): Why is KC is Next Big Thing?

22. The Stewardship model of Austin, Texas: how to grow the right people, to grow the right kind of connectors

23. Gothenburg, Sweden: How you really do town-gown synergy?

24. Startup Delta: how the Dutch figured it out!