Entrepreneurial Ecosystems: Want to Learn More?

My Ecosystem Credentials


* ESHIP Champion (one of a dozen+ Champions to drive progress on the 7 ESHIP Goals (mine is Goal #5 aimed at making field much more evidence-based)

* Delegate, 2017, 2018, & 2019 Kauffman Foundation ESHIP conferences for ecosystem builders

* Keynote/facilitator, Growing Entrepreneurial Communities 2016 & 2018, national conference by Federal Reserve Bank of KC, US SourceLink

* Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation/ US Sourcelink Global Summit of Thought Leaders on Entrepreneurial Ecosystems, 2015

* Senior Subject Matter Expert and Consultant to OECD and EU on developing entrepreneurial ecosystems [http://www.oecd.org/cfe/leed/entrepreneurialecosystemsandgrowth-orientedentrepreneurshipworkshop-netherlands.htm ] and entrepreneurial training programs.

* Major project on ecosystem metrics with Compass model [#1 source of civic ecosystem metrics]

* Program manager for TEAMS/TRAILS (2000-2005), a joint venture of the Idaho National Laboratory and others to support technology commercialization; social entrepreneurship and enterprise development.  TEAM/TRAILS earned 6 national best practice recognitions and 2 global awards.

* 2008-2015 External Fellow, Max Planck Institute for Economics, Entrepreneurship, Growth and Public Policy Group.


 * 2-time Finalist/7-time nominee, “Innovator of the Year,” Idaho Innovation Awards

* Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurship – Youth Enterprise Advisory Board 2011-2012

* Keynote/Workshop on ecosystems, NYU Conference on Social & Sustainable Entrepreneurship Research, 2011

* Keynote Speaker, 1st Annual Economic Modeling Specialists Inc (EMSI) Data Conference, 2011

* Co-developer, Idaho Rural Partnership distance delivery entrepreneurship course, 2008.

* SBA/Kauffman 'Best of the Best' Practices Award for “Educational Efforts to Promote Entrepreneurship,” 2005. [for TEAMS/TRAILS]

* Kauffman Collegiate Entrepreneurship Network, grant recipient, 2003.

* Partner and Technology Fellow, N2TEC (national technology commercialization consortium), 2003


 Getting Down to the Bottom-Up: Entrepreneurial Ecosystems as if Entrepreneurs Mattered, Academy of Management, Boston, 2019 [www.bit.ly/2019ecosysPDW]

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